Kommissionier- und Handhabungstechnik GmbH (KHT) is a mechanical engineering company with headquarters in Gelsenkirchen, which specialises in industrial solutions for storage logistics. The product portfolio includes measurement, weighing and storage technology, as well as industrial services. At the core of their internal development, manufacture and projection are systems for master data acquisition, as well as fully-automated small-part storage. For both product ranges, the company, which was founded in the year 1986 as a development business,has again and again been named as an innovation pioneer and European market leader. KHT industrial solutions are used in particular in logistics, production and trade. With the foundation of the Apostore affiliate in the year 2000, entry was realised into the sectors involving the private pharmacy market and pharma logistics.

KHT itself is a hundred percent subsidiary of KNAPP AG, a technology company with head office in Hart near Graz in Austria. KNAPP has been developing and realising systems for storage automation and it is a supplier of storage logistics software for trade and industry. With 4,200 employees, KNAPP is one of the leading providers for intralogistics and storage automation for the most varied sectors.



The ProfileScan is a dynamic measuring device that records the article dimensions on your conveyor system.


The ProfileScan is a measuring frame which is attached to roller or belt conveyors. It identifies, checks and classifies product profiles during throughput, with a speed of up to 2 meters per second. With the acquired data, material flows can be controlled, the quality of transportation goods assessed and the products surveyed.

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Software control

The fast control software reliably provides required data or it outputs alarm signals (OK or NOK test). Cardboard boxes which are deformed or not closed correctly are identified immediately. The intelligent computing algorithm can even make a reliable measurement survey of inclined cardboard boxes. Interfaces to further-processing systems is implemented alternatively via network or serial interface.


  • Measuring frame
  • Control box, including monochrome display and operating pushbuttons
  • Status LED

Optional components

  • Throughput weighing scale
  • Scanner barcode for digital product identification

The KHT Service package

  • Installation and instruction on site
  • On request: service and maintenance contracts
  • System can be maintained remotley


Mobile master data recording station for article dimensions and weights

  • MultiScan 600
  • MultiScan 800
  • MultiScan 1200

With integrated weight recording, the MultiScan determines the data you require for optimization of your storage space – fully-automatically and reliably.

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Two possible applications exist for the MultiScan: As a measuring device for recording length, width, height and weight or, in the combination with DataScan software, as a complete master data acquisition system

1_ The measuring device for length, width, height and weight

The KHT MultiScan is designed for industrial employ-ment and is a fully complete data acquisition station. The technology consists of a light grating and an integrated, calibratable weighing scale. In this way, complicated forms can be recorded. The information is transferred directly to the Merchandise Management System. This data can be used, among other things, for automated warehouse management, optimisation of dispatch or for simplified customs handling.

2_ The complete master data acquisition system

With employment of the specially developed software DataScan with the MultiScan becomes a master data acquisition system. The software records and manages the complete article master. The configurable software package makes possible the employment of camera, fine weighing scale, vernier calliper gauge and ScanTape.

The MultiScan Service

The KHT MultiScan is robust, long-lived and low-maintenance. Annual maintenance has been found to be a well-proven interval. As a result of the intuitive operation of the device, laborious training sessions can be dispensed with.

If you have any questions regarding the product or its application, our service team is glad to remain available to you. In case of any issue, our technicians can provide diagnostics using online maintenance software and reliably ensure that a remedy is found. Expensive downtimes are thus minimized.


KHT photostation

powered by ivii

The KHT photostation powered by ivii logs every order with a photograph before shipping

  • The ivii.smartcam takes pictures of the load carrier’s content
  • Time stamps and routing labels uniquely iden-tify the captured images
  • Shorter processing time for complaints
  • Lower complaint costs through traceability
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The battery box

The battery box enables mobile master data acquisition. With this, data can be recorded for up to 16 hours. Even after a charging time of 1 hour, the performance again reaches 80 percent.

The TEXPRESS module

The combination of the data acquisition station with the TEXPRESS module is particularly interesting for companies in the textile sector. In order to determine the storage volume, the textiles are compres-sed to real volume during the measurement procedure. As a result, storage and dispatch processes can be planned and implemented more efficiently.

Digital identification using bar-code scanner

Using bar-code scanner systems, products are identified rapidly and simply. With USB connections, every bar-code scanner can be used for identification.

The fine weighing scale

In case of weights below 100 g, the additional employment of a fine weighing scale is recommended. In this way, resolutions of up to 0.01 g can be weighed. The measured weight of the fine weighing scale can be added to the master data on request.

The digital electronic caliper

Only a small bolt or a sealing ring? It makes no difference, MultiScan accessories offer a solution for surveying the dimensions exactly within the millimeter range. With a precision of 0.01 mm, the correct instrument is the vernier caliper gauge in order to record and to transfer very precise measuring data at the push of a button.

The industrial camera

The generation of high-resolution product images is uncompli-cated with the industrial camera from MultiScan. The displays are assigned directly to the correct Article ID and are available immediately for merchandise management.

The SCANtape

If required, MultiScan also has the proper measurement technology for very large articles. With the SCANtape, goods up to a size of three meters can be recorded wirelessly and simultaneously identified.

Data Flow Controller (DFC) / Keyboard emulation

The DFC is an accessory which extends the MultiScan by a further interface. A keyboard entry is emulated by employment of the DFC. Merchandise management systems connected with it are provided with the measuring data, as if the operator had entered the data from dimension and weight measurements by keyboard. The connection of a MultiScan is therefore rapid and uncomplicated.


With the internally-developed DataScan software, the MultiScan becomes a complete master data acquisition system with direct interface to the goods business.

As a central data acquisition station, DataScan offers the highest level of comfort and is configurable over a wide scope.

From languages, units and entry fields parameterizable at all times, extending to the configuration of operating keys, the software can be adapted at any time without affecting existing interfaces.

DataScan is also prerequisite for the employment of camera, fine weighing scale, vernier calliper gauge and SCANtape.


  • PC keyboard emulation
  • CSV file alternatively via USB or in Network
  • Serial RS232
  • XML protocol over TCP/IP
  • WebService/REST


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