KHT ProfileScan DVM 960

Measuring frame for roller and belt conveyors

  • measuring frame for roller and belt conveyors
  • for optical identification and monitoring
  • reliable monitoring of incoming goods
  • precise calculation of shipping volumes
  • enhanced system stability in automated high bay warehouses
  • safeguarded process logic
  • measurement data at speeds up to 2 m/s
  • examination of carton’s position on the conveyor
  • detection of convexity and deformation
  • data interfaces for analyses

Fixed measuring frame for roller and band conveyor

The KHT ProfileScan identifies, monitors, and classifies product profiles while they are passing at speeds up to 2 m/s. These data can then be used to steer material flows, assess the quality of the conveyed goods, and measure dimensions.
The instrumentation can scan contours to high precision, identify workpieces (e.g. brake discs), and assign them to various workplaces. Measurements taken on cartons provide the data for robot controlled palletisation or billing based on shipping volumes. The fast and reliable control software always provides the required data and outputs warnings
and plaintext messages.
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