Space and Volume Measuring Instruments

Optimised storage planning and management requires precise master data for your products. These must be gained from precise measurementsof each piece good’s geometry and weight.

The  MultiScan series, are effective helpers for effective warehousing.

Tough in use – autonomous and mobile

Mounted on a robust trolley with integrated power supply, the KHT MultiScan is a complete mobile station for measuring the dimensions and weight of
your items.
The new MultiScan 1200 is the latest KHT scan product for efficient warehousing.

It can also be equipped for online data transfer to your storage management system and is a complete measuring station.

All models features an officially calibrated precision weigher and, like the MultiScan, operates completely without physical contact and is virtually maintenance free.

Profile Measuring Frame

The KHT ProfileScan  identifies, monitors, and classifies product profiles while they are passing at speeds up to 2 m/s.

These data can then be used to steer material flows, assess the quality of the conveyed goods, and measures dimensions.

Accurately measuring – efficient warehousing

The instrumentation can scan contours to high precision, identify workpieces (e.g. brake discs), and assign them to various workplaces.
Measurements taken on cartons provide the data for robot controlled palletisation or billing based on shipping volumes.
The fast and reliable control software always provides the required data and outputs warnings and plaintext messages.
The KHT ProfileScan measuring frame is equipped with an infra red light grid with superfine resolution pattern (2.5 mm).
The transmission and receiver modules with emitting diode and sensors are affixed opposing to each other. The goods are conveyed through that infra red light curtain and is measured several times per second.

The system generates a picture of the article contour  and its position composed from many single pictures (cuts) and determine alle data needed. The modular design enables an individual adaption to most diverse requirements.

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Industrial Automated Picking Systems

The KHT InduSTORE small parts store is one of the most modern and most effective of its kind on the market. Measuring a mere 3.6 m high, 1.75 m wide, and 10 m long, it can store up to 20,000 items even in this tight space. The KHT InduSTORE utilises the full height of the structure for storing goods. This automated unit is custom configured. The products are stored directly next to each other, without any intervening dividers. Up to fifteen different shelves carrying multiple rows of different products maximise packing density.

KHT InduSTORE fully automated small parts store with stock placement function and returns management.
Batch management
Stocktaking function
Product photo

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Well-engineered, safe commissioning technology for pharmacies and hospitals can be found on the website of our subsidiary Apostore GmbH.

Let us introduce the Apostore product family:

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